Common Interests&Reasons

It's both a task and pleasure to browse everyone's personal webpage.And there's no doubt that I really lesrned from from their statements. Everyone's reasons for take the class can be divided into two main categories.

Common Reasons

One is to learn more about the new medias, to learn how they are impacting our society, how they are changing our life so that they can be better programmer. The links for those pages are as follows:

Another reason for taking the course is a little practical but honest, to ge the credict,to graduate and to get a high GPA:

Social Medias

Social media are everyone's first choice of media. After reading, I found the most common used siocal media are Fackbook, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat and so on:


The most common vedio channels the students like are Youtube, Netflix,Amazon Video and so on:

Music Players

For music players, we don't have much choices as vedios and socila medias. The omst common used music players I've seen are Spotify and Pandora,ITUNES

News Medias

As young generation, it seems that we don't care about the political news, but there are still some students who have the same channel to get news and BBC is the most popular.