Jialong Zhang

Phd Condidate
Computer Science
Texas A&M University

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Phone: (979) 450-5630
Email: jialong [AT] cse.tamu.edu

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About Me

I am a Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University. I am working in the SUCCESS (Secure Communication and Computer Systems) Lab, and my advisor is Dr. Guofei Gu.

My research interests span the areas of network security, social network security, web security and smartphone security. Much of my work is big data driven, and the goal is to uncover the nature of emerging security threats through large-scale data analytics and modeling. Based on the insights obtained from massive data analytics, I develop practical security systems to defend against the new emerging threats. Here is my CV.

I am currently on the job market.


[27 Nov. 2015] My VisHunter paper is accepted to INFOCOM'16.

[6 Oct. 2015] I am delighted to be a Student Program Committee for IEEE S&P 2016.

[1 Jul. 2015] My SMASH paper received Best Paper Award at ICDCS'15!

[1 May 2015] I received this year's Graduate Research Excellence Award at our department!

[1 May 2015] My SMASH paper is accepted to ICDCS'15

[15 Aug. 2014] Our paper on reverse engineering twitter spammers is accepted to ACSAC'15

[2 Jul. 2014] My paper is accepted to SecureComm'14.

[13 Jun. 2014] Our paper on false data injection attacks detection is accepted to ESORICS'14.

[24 May 2014] Our GoldenEye paper is accepted to RAID'14.

[18 Apr. 2014] I am going for internship at IBM Research this summer!

[25 Feb. 2013] Our AutoVac paper is accepted to ICDCS'13.

[31 Jan. 2013] I will be a full-time research intern in CTO group at Narus Inc. (acquired by Symantec now) this summer.

[20 Oct. 2012] My paper on web spam study and detection is accepted to NDSS'13!

[2 Jun. 2012] My paper on search poisoning attack is accepted to RAID'12 .

[27 Jan. 2012] Our paper on Twitter spam study is accepted to WWW'12 .