CSCE 656 - Computers and New Media

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Somnath Mishra

MSCS 2017
UIN: 424006757

A bit about myself . . .

Hello friends! As a student of Computer Science, I wish to contribute to building softwares that serve humanity and
help our society reach it's objectives with relative ease. As a graduate student I put efforts to better the skills that I
learned as an undergrad and also acquire new skills that will help me realize my dreams.

When I am not busy with my coursework I spend time reading Indian poetry. Coming from a family of poets
I have immense interest in poetry however unfortunately I haven't been able to write any myself.
I also spend a fair amount of time reading and writing answers in Quora which is a knowledge sharing
social media platform.

Why am I on this class?

I am on this class as I am excited to explore more on the advent of electronic media and their impact on the human psyche,
the challenges that they have brought and the extent to which they have enhanced the scale of human day to day activities.
As this class has a team project I see that as an opportunity to work with a new group of people and make new friends.

Media that I use every week

Assignment II

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