Common Themes with other Students

Shared Interest in the Evolution of Media and the role of Digital Technology in it.

Knowledge in the old days were passed on to future generations as fables and stories, then people learnt writing
and the manuscripts were written on palm leaves. Then came the paper and the printing press which revolutionized
the whole idea of storing information and made it convenient to save immense amount of data and ideas.

The digitization propelled it to a whole new level, If I were to travel back in time to 200 BC and tell people that
there will come a time when storing and accessing humungous amount of information would be a matter of an instant
they would term it magic. We live in that era, what is yet to come is waited and as students of new media we not only
wish to witness but to contribute to it as well.
    Elias Adanu     Shaeeta Sharar     Ashton Binkley

Shared Interest in using Social Networking Platforms.

Social Media plays a hugely important role in today's world. It is not just a platform to stay in touch with each other
but also an alternate to the traditional mass media(print and recorded). It is not just faster than the traditional media
but also more responsive. I use mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.
    Anamika Bedi     Amandeep Bhal     Tommy Vongphakdy

Shared Interest in Computer Games.

Computer games are the most engaging form of digitized media mainly because they make the user an active participant
in the process. The user is the most important subject in a game as the game progresses with his performance and relies
on his decision making. I have played games like NFS, Age of Empires, Counter Strike and FIFA.
    Rishabh Yadav     Josh Hooton     Denise Irvin

Shared Interest in Computer Gadgets.

I use Computer gadgets almost all the time and I suppose they are more of a necessity in today's world, I found certain
people using the same gadgets.
    Cristina Corales