Kai Zheng

's Personal Page for CPSC 656, Spring 2018

Reasons for the class

  • I use computer as a medium for reading, entertainment and recreation.
  • I'm generally interested in human–computer interaction topics.

Media I use

  • Online Forums

    • Reddit - where I keep up with what's happening around the world. Also for cute animals and memes :). My favorite communities are:
    • Hupu - a Chinese sport forum where people debate a lot mainly about basketball and soccer games.
  • Social Media

    • Instagram - where people on earth share purrfectly adorable kitten 🐱 pictures!
    • Twitter - "It's what's happening."
  • Content Information and Review Websites

    • IMDb - reading "Did You Know?" section (especially the "trivia") on IMDb after watching every movie is one of my secret hobbies.
    • Rate Your Music - where people give their two cents on musicians and releases. Recently I'm quite into Fleetwood Mac, The Who and Miles Davis.
  • Video Games

    • Overwatch - a team-based shooter game that I find extraordinarily joyful to play.
    • HearthStone - a card game particularly designed for digital devices.



Me IRL in 2013